Neuron's experience in providing audio and visual services to the events industry means that we are also an excellent choice for venues seeking permanent installations of equipment. In partnership with industry leading brands we are able to deliver a diverse range of products to suit any sized restaurant, bar, nightclub, or hospitality venue at any budget.

After an initial complimentary site visit from one of our senior project managers, we will determine your requirements and produce bespoke, graded quotes based on your budget. Should you need inspiration, we also offer a free advisory service based on our worldwide experience of venues, and of course you are welcome to make a visit to one of our previous projects. 

Financial Support

So that you can maintain your focus on the business, we are also able to help with financing. We are pleased to be able to offer hire purchase or finance lease options via our purchasing partners, which help spread the cost of equipment over a period of up to five years at market leading interest rates. VAT can be deferred, or even spread out over the payment term, and the deposit can be as little as the first month's payment. What's more, you'll benefit from owning the equipment at the end of the finance period. 

Alternatively, we can facilitate a long-term rental plan for pop-up venues, or simply whilst you decide how best to develop your business further.

Planning, Fitting and Tuning

Once a quote has been agreed upon, your designated project manager will be available as a single point of contact for all works, deliveries and assistance. Where necessary, a schedule of work to be completed with milestone dates will be provided in advance, so that we can fit around or collaborate with any existing contractors.

An experienced team of staff will fit and finish all equipment to a high standard, with minimal interruption to your customers. Where necessary, bespoke metalwork will be built, and all mounted equipment will be securely tested to a significant safety ratio.

Following initial speaker fitting has been completed, one of our system technicians will tune the PA using acoustic measurements and adjustments on specialist equipment, to ensure that the equipment performs to the highest standard in your particular space – each venue is unique, and so is our treatment. Special consideration will be given to the nature of the venue; for example, facilitating easy conversation in bars even when music is playing, or ensuring that customers' ears are not left ringing after a long session in a nightclub.

If you have also chosen to install lighting or visual effects, we will build custom programming for all fixtures to ensure that suitable control and impact is available for each and every type of event you host – from simple colour wash selection using RGB mixing on faders in a bar, to bespoke ShowCAD touch screen systems with clear, well labelled chases that cover slow jams, fast bass music drops and everything in between that comes with the territory of a modern night club.

Service and Maintenance

All equipment will also be rigorously tested and documented once installed. Additionally, training can be given to relevant on-site staff in how to operate the system day-to-day whilst avoiding any user error. For example, we can provide customised touch-screen panels for restaurants, allowing variable control of volume levels and source material across multiple zones.

The service does not just stop once the install is complete, we also offer on-going, low cost maintenance and upkeep contracts for our own installations and existing equipment in venues with features such as same day call-out, and like-for-like replacement of damaged equipment, should any problems occur.

Should you wish to discuss a potential installation with us, please contact us on 0161 408 1545, or fill out the form below and one of our staff will be happy to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

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