Void Incubus at Housecats

When we purchased our Void Incubus system, we never thought it would see the inside of a venue with a capacity of less than a thousand. However, this thought was soon quashed by the organisers of Housecats, a Stoke-on-Trent club night, who were keen to be the first people in the UK to hire the Incubus. They employed Neuron’s services to install sound across two rooms into the 600 capacity venue, The Exchange, for their sold-out Halloween show. This meant putting the Incubus system into a 400 capacity room. Due to the ceiling height, we had to make do with only one Incubus Sub per side rather than two in order to reduce the height of the system to less than 3 metres. Not that this mattered as there was plenty of headroom available for a system that is capable of providing coverage for up to 3,000 people. The headliners, Jaymo & Andy George, were certainly impressed; with Jaymo tweeting

“Quite the soundsystem in Stoke, proper vibes in there! Provincial raves not to be doubted”.

For the 200 capacity basement, we installed our visually stunning Air Motion v2 system, which was complemented by 4 Arcline X sub cabinets. All the systems were run with Pioneer Nexus DJ equipment connected digitally all the way to the Powersoft K series amplifiers, which meant for a massively increased sound quality. If that wasn’t enough of a spectacle for attendees, they were also treated to projection mapping of the Incubus Air Array cabinets by the talented, Jon Marks.

Joe Feibel, Housecat’s MD, was equally blown away by the Incubus’ capabilities

“I've got to say though, the biggest highlight for me was the sound systems. Kyle Marriott and the team from Neuron Pro Audio did an unbelievable job. I've never heard/felt sound like that before, it was epic”.

Joe has since visited us in Manchester to discuss with our project managers about future events for the Housecats brand and how we can support them with providing the best possible experience.

We have great respect for Joe and his team, their passion and determination for bringing their customers the very best in sound and lighting is commendable and we look forward to working with them in the future.