Powersoft K10 amps added to inventory

After much deliberation and testing, we have purchased stock of the industry leading Powersoft K10 amplifier.

The K10 is capable of producing an astonishing 6000 watts RMS into each channel when operating a load of 2 ohms, all from a unit that takes up 1U rack space and weighs just 12kg. This allows us to easily drive up to 4 Void Psyco cabinets per channel whilst maintaing the same effortless, accurate sound provided by the Void Infinite 8 v2, and reducing space and weight consumed in amplifier racks and truck packs.

Kyle Marriott, our Managing Director says “We test drove a variety of amplifiers before making the decision to move our bass section over to modern lightweights, to ensure that we weren't sacrificing anything sound-wise. Sound quality is our primary focus, and the K10 has excellent cone control, tonality and raw power beyond many of it's competitors. This has been proven time and time again over several recent events. In the near future we also plan to upgrade our stock to include the new Powersoft DSP unit, which provides additional control and monitoring via software and a standard CAT5 Ethernet connection.”

You can find out further details on the amp's product page here: http://neuronproaudio.co.uk/hire-stock/amplifiers-processing/powersoft-digam-k10/

If you would like to know more about this product, or arrange a demo, please call us on 0161 408 1545 or drop us an email on hire@neuronproaudio.co.uk.