Martin Audio LE200 Coaxial wedges available

After an extensive demo period, testing all manner of options, we have settled on the exceptional Martin Audio LE200 15” coaxial system for our wedge refresh for the 2018 festival season.

Utilising Martin’s patented Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology, the LE200’s horizontal coverage varies from 100° directly over the monitor, narrowing to 60° further back. This maintains the sound level and balance independent of distance from the monitor and produces a consistent near-rectangular coverage plane at head-height.

Martin LE200 wedge monitor front view

Switchable between bi-amp and passive operation, the LE200 incorporates an internal 1.6kHz passive crossover and four NL4 connectors located to suit a variety of installation options, from busy live stages to discreet, corporate events where cabling must remain invisible.

Our in-house technical team and engineers are notoriously hard to please, but these monitors excelled at shows in the gruelling test environments we chose to trial them. Not only that, but they feature new technology that resolves many of the common issues with other wedge monitor systems. Traditional, non-coaxial two-way monitors can suffer from uneven frequency response as the artist moves off-axis because the outputs of the LF and HF sections interfere with each other, causing cancellations, depending on the listening position. This is most noticeable close to the monitor in the all-important crossover region — which lies right in the middle of the vocal band. In contrast, coaxial monitors can achieve ‘point-source’ summation of the LF and HF sections at all positions off-axis, even close-up. And, in terms of important practicalities, coaxial designs remove the need for left and right-handed versions and are inherently very compact.

Up to now, a significant disadvantage of conventional coaxial devices has been high frequency beaming — where the high frequency dispersion reduces as the frequency increases. This is primarily because conventional coaxial devices channel high frequencies through a narrow tube in the pole-piece of the magnet system, which also has the unfortunate side effect of masking mid-range output from the cone and causing undesirable reflections from the rear of the horn surface. Martin’s new coaxial drivers overcome this by incorporating an innovative static waveguide that merges seamlessly with the unique cone shape, maintaining the dispersion pattern out to very high frequencies.

Martin CDD Wedge dispersion plan view
Martin LE200 dispersion pattern 3D view

Not only that, but each stage monitor has distinct sonic requirements and careful voicing is critical. Firm bass punch is essential to counter the low frequency wash coming from other sources both on stage and out in the room. The monitor also needs clarity and an element of ‘bite’ that will cut through without appearing to be overly harsh or fatiguing. Martin drew upon input from leading monitor engineers all over the world to deliver the ideal subjective voicing and coverage characteristics for the widest variety of applications, and our own testing bore this out as well.

Available to hire immediately, please call us for a quote on the exceptional new monitor system, which we have chosen to pair with our much loved Powersoft X series amplifier and DSP platform for no compromise sound and output.