Expansion of worldwide partnership with OC Sport Extreme Sailing Series

Following several successful years providing technical support staff to the Extreme Sailing Series events across multiple continents, the opportunity arose to dramatically improve the audio equipment deployed for vocal and music reinforcement at each location.

The previous system has served the prestigous OC Sport well, but after ten years in the field with some extreme salt water and weather conditions, the untreated wooden cabinets and components had begun to both look and sound tired.

After a relatively brief consultation and proposal process, it became clear that the ideal choice for the client was a new system based around sixteen of the Danley Sound Labs GO2 8CX coaxial, full-range, all-weather resistant thermoplastic loudspeakers driven in harmony with two Linea Research developed 8 channel DNA amplified DSP controller platform, equipped with presets that allow for fine tuning to each site remotely over wireless networking.


Neuron also provided the client with bespoke screen-printed flightcasing for amplifiers and speakers, patch panels, and support structures to further simplify deployment, alongside branded high visibility safety wear.


It helps that this system is already at home in these water based locales, having been chosen for the on-deck audio reproduction on the oldest navy vessel still afloat, the inimitable USS Constitution, that first set sail way back in 1794!


This simple, true point source cabinet is based upon the now legendary Synergy design philosophy that is unique to Danley, offering flat phase and frequency response both on and off axis without relying upon complex processing in the digital domain. In short, the boxes are truly ‘point and shoot’ and offer the same crystal clear and intelligible sound at all listening positions, aiding rapid deployment and vastly improving the listening experience for all attendees at these exceptionally exciting events.

The initial deployment was shipped direct to site in Cascais, Portugal, where it was met with resounding praise from technical teams and visitors alike. With further events in such exotic places as China, California, and Wales, we look forward to introducing even more people worldwide to the exciting sound of Danley with our friends at OC Sport!

extreme sailing series cascais.png