Pure Groove by Danley Jericho Horns Now Available for Hire

Continuing our investment into the pioneering, revolutionary point-source technology created by industry legend and all-round genius, Tom Danley,  we are proud to announce a fresh delivery from our friends at Pure Groove Systems across the pond.
The new, Neuron European exclusive, PG-J94 Jericho Horn combines no less than 18 individual drivers into a single, full range, high output horn with a 90 degree horizontal by 40 degree vertical coverage angle - and an astonishing peak SPL of 148dB at 1 metre.


Equally at home with live, DJ or electronic input, just a pair of these mini monsters are capable of provide incredibly clear, coherent sound for audiences of well over 4000 people - in fact, comparison simulations show that a single box offers equal or more output at distance of no less than twenty boxes of an industry standard large-format line array!


Not only does this mean fewer cabinets, lower transport and flying weight, far fewer amplifier channels and less electrical power for a much greener, more efficient audio system, but the reduction in sound sources gives a purer, tighter, more accurate representation of the original material.

Bold claims for sure, but hearing really is believing - and to that end, we will be arranging demos and posting updates about upcoming events around the UK in the coming months to show off this truly incredibly technology - please contact us if you’re interested in joining the revolution and getting back to the point!