Sound, Light & Staging Hire


Whether your event is an intimate wedding with an audience in the dozens, or a live music festival with a crowd numbering thousands, Neuron deliver exceptional quality production values and out-of-the-box thinking and deployments across sound, stage, light and more, creating intrinsically memorable moments for both your artists and audience - without upsetting the neighbours!

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Sales & Venue Installations


Unlike others, we do not simply sell equipment. Our staff combine multiple disciplines and brand-agnostic recommendations to ensure a bespoke design, installation and commissioning process. This allows us to create unparalleled customer experiences at great prices - regardless of whether you're running an underground nightclub, a cosy bar, a traditional house of worship, or anything in between.

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Crew & Consultation


Our engineers and system technicians can get the best out of any sound or lighting setup; even when working with existing third party installations in all types of venue. Deploying the very latest in advanced measurement and prediction tools, our acoustic knowledge combined with our team's infamous 'golden ears', allows us to make dramatic improvements to your venue or event through careful tweaks, tunings and treatments.

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