We always trust our ears – but when combined with the latest in measurement technology truly amazing results can be achieved


As standard, we maintain abreast of the latest developments in the audio industry with regards to improving the listener experience. To that end, we use specialist acoustic measurement software and equipment to tune and tweak our systems, whether that be a permanent installation or a temporary event setup. 

We work towards ensuring that all of our speaker components are as linear as possible, and ideally free from distortion and artefacts to maintain a high level of tonal quality.

This does not require the use of a specific brand or type of loudspeaker, and can be applied with a good degree of success to pre-existing systems and installations as well as our own preferred associated brands.

A common problem is that as soon as a sound system requires the use of multiple speakers compromise is inevitable. By careful analysis of the interactions between different speaker elements in a whole system, and adjustments to physical aiming and positioning as well as gain and equalisation, these inter-element interactions can be minimised so that a smooth, coherent sound is the end result.

When performing new installations, we have the option of using advanced prediction software that can show the effect of a particular system within a venue and allow tweaks to be made before the equipment arrives on site.

Once a system is installed, a dual channel FFT analyser tool is used to ensure the system is performing optimally and any room modes are compensated for. This tool allows measurements to be made of a system at carefully chosen positions around the venue so that the system's overall performance can be verified, and if necessary, adjustments can be made to equalisation, tonality, and phase response.

The benefit of this approach is that we can apply it to not only our own work from scratch, but it can also work wonders in retrospect to old, existing systems. Sometimes when the budget is tight, it is important to ensure that your current setup is performing as well as it did the day it went in, or possibly even better – our no-hassle consultancy service offers that opportunity with minimal time and financial impact.

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