Void Acoustics

Void Acoustic’s dedication to balanced, refined sound at exceptional output levels, means that they are often capable covering larger audiences with fewer boxes than the competition.

Combined with earth shattering subwoofers featuring the best of both horn loaded and ported bass technology, you truly have a soundsystem with unparalleled impact both sonically and visually.

With 10 years experience working closely with Void to improve upon their already great products, Neuron have unparalleled experience using them to their full potential in any venue.

Stasys Series

For smaller events, a line array is not always the best solution and a carefully selected point source, reflex system can achieve superlative results.

To that end, we also carry the excellent Stasys series, employing specialist drivers and the signature Void approach to classic, proven design styles of double 18" subs and full-range 90-degree wide mid-high elements,

We also offer a selection of Stasys 15" and 12" wedge monitors boasting flat frequency response at very high output levels. 

Arcline 8

Following Neuron's involvement in an extensive two-year R&D and beta testing process at festivals and events such as BoomTown, Tokyo World, Outlook and Dimensions, and World AIDS Day, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the new, flagship mid-format line array system from Void - the Arcline 8.

Operating as a three-way cabinet featuring a horn-loaded dual 8" low frequency section, reflex dual 8" mid section with phase plug, and a new format FEA modelled high frequency waveguide the Arcline 8 offers crystal clear definition with a serious punch often found lacking in similarly sized array products.

Extending the low end response to 40Hz, a partner Arcline 212 dual 12" bass cabinet can be flown in the array, or ground stacked using the fly frame to allow a full range, low profile system ideal for smaller live events or corporate functions.

With a smooth, consistent 110 degree wide horizontal dispersion, and advanced rigging system allowing angles to be pre-selected before flying, this exciting new product range allows us to scale the signature Void sound to audiences of up to 10,000 people and beyond.

EASE Focus System Design

The Arcline 8 system is fully integrated with AFMG' new EASE Focus 3 software platform, which is used to simulate and define system configurations in advance of arriving at a given venue.

Focus boasts an incredibly accurate acoustical model, allowing our system designers to simulate the acoustical performance of the complete sound system to find the optimal setup for a given venue with multiple audience areas, curved and inclining seating in three dimensions, as well as creating in-depth reports for flying trim heights, rigging angles, preliminary system EQ, and detailed analysis of sound coverage, SPL and frequency response at each of the designated audience areas or virtual microphone / listening positions.

The newest version of Focus also offers extensive subwoofer array calculation, enabling consistent low-end response and level to the entire audience. Arc delay, end-fire, or traditional CSA cardioid stacks can now be simulated with EASE.

Using these tools alongside the advanced system management offered by Powersoft's Armonia amplifier control platform allows us to achieve superlative results on site, whilst keeping off site noise under careful control - reports of predicted sound pressure level and system coverage can also be provided to assist in promoters' dealings with licensing authorities and local councils or government, enabling a smoother application process and clearer noise management policy for nearby residents.

Arcline 8 Portfolio



Continuing our interest in ensuring we provide the very best equipment available, we are proud to be able to supply our favourite rider-friendly system, which handles small clubs to full arena shows with ease.

Therefore we can now offer the following items from the L'Acoustics range for hire:

Kara modular WST line-array elements
SB28 double 18" subs
SB118 single 18" subs
115XT HiQ wedge monitors
112XT wedge monitors
ARCS full-range elements
LA8 amplified controllers
LA-RAK standardised flyable rack systems

Additional models are available upon request - please call for pricing.

3x L'Acoustics Kara mounted in custom flightcase for transportation

3x L'Acoustics Kara mounted in custom flightcase for transportation

Line Array Technology

In 1992, L'Acoustics changed the face of touring and installed music production forever as the inventor of modern line source arrays, with the legendary V-DOSC system.

Now some 20 years later, they have managed to squeeze that same power and incredible sonic character into a significantly smaller, lighter and more friendly package for small to medium scale events and venues. It capably delivers ultimate flexibility to any sound design, with its optional low frequency extension.

This active, two way compact enclosure boasts exceptional throw as well as smooth and wide horizontal directivity and thus has become a staple at concerts and theatres all around the world.

Outboard, Microphones and Other Essentials


Mixing Consoles

Our preferred choice of mixing desk is the excellent range of Si and Vi digital consoles from Soundcraft. We like Soundcraft because of their 40 year heritage, and commitment to maintaining an uncoloured sonic signature of the input signal, plus their frankly excellent effects and workflow.

However, we are equally at home with consoles from other leading manufacturers such as Midas, AVID, Allen & Heath and DiGiCo and can supply these upon request.


We use microphones from industry pioneers such as Sennheiser and Shure, as well as more esoteric manufacturers like DPA and AKG.

Choosing the right mic and placing it correctly can make a huge step towards getting the sound you want out front for the crowd.

Our staff have many years of experimentation, both in the traditional fields of standard bands and in the rather more abnormal world of art installations – knowledge that is applied to every event setup to ensure that you always get the best from your instrument of choice.


Outboard is essential to avoid a dry, dull mix. We carefully select reverbs, delays, tube saturation and similar effects on an act by act basis to help achieve a unique sound.

Of course, if you have already established your own voice we are happy to work to any technical riders you may have; we can also source a wide variety of backline and other additional extras.

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Each system can be built to your specification to meet the needs of any scale of live production, with additional microphones, mixing consoles or similar.

If you would like to discuss a custom order, please contact us or use the form to the right, and we will be happy to help put something together for you.