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Whether your event is an intimate wedding with an audience in the dozens, or a live music festival with a crowd numbering thousands, we’re capable of providing a wide range of bespoke sound and lighting packages to ensure exceptional quality and high production values for both your artists and audience at all times.

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Sales & Venue Installations


We supply the best in professional audio equipment for permanent installation and touring applications, including high-impact equipment from Void Acoustics, Powersoft, Pure Groove by Danley Sound Labs and many other brands. Our staff have well over a decade of experience in bespoke sound design, installation and engineering, offering unparalleled quality at great prices.

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Our sound engineers and system technicians can get the best out of any sound or lighting setup; even existing third party installations in venues. Using the very latest in advanced measurement tools and of course our 'golden ears', we can handle anything from small bar gigs, through to corporate events and right up to the largest scale festivals.

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